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Common faults of automatic control valve
2022-08-10 Views:1101

In industrial valves, especially safety valves, and other self-control valve failure problems are very common. Before the valve is used, there are special seals and valve body detectors to check its performance. Generally, the pressure test does not need to be dismantled. Only some special automatic control valves cannot be detected, such as safety. Valves, pressure reducing valves, regulating valves, and instrument valves When the safety valve is pressure tested, these automatic control valves generally only test the opening pressure and flow coefficient. As for the one-way sealing and pressure-reducing ring sealing performance, it cannot be tested. This brings a lot of difficulties to the troubleshooting and repair work of the piping system.
      When repairing and inspecting domestically-made self-control valves, users often complain that their construction and work are rough, performance is unstable, and the take-off coefficient is unstable. However, these valve bodies are well sealed and other parts are normal, so they are suspected of not being able to operate normally. . When checking the self-control valve, its working time, adjustment of the approximate allowable error coefficient, valve body sealing, valve opening pressure, etc. are normal, the component positioning screw and the seal adjusting ring gear locking screw and the valve seat are not loose, only the individual error flow And the pressure difference is obviously higher. If the sensitivity of the adjustment is reset to the normal value, the fault is still the same. If the adjustment seals and plugs are replaced before installation, common valve failures can be eliminated.

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