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Kopmc series CNC ball grinderball grinder is suitable for fine grinding ball valves made of steel or coated with ceramic or other materials.

The machine tool has different sizes, and the diameter of the ball valve ranges from 1 inch to 64 inches.

The temperature of the sphere can be kept constant through the relevant filter and cooling system to ensure high accuracy.

Our grinding machines have high roundness (better than 0.02mm) and good surface finish (better than RA 0.4um) because their movements are carried out on precision roller guides.

Suitable for balls with a maximum outer diameter of 1800mm.

Working range: ball from 30 inch to 48 inches.

The machine weight is about 35000kg.


Spherical Grinder

It is a high-precision and innovative ball grinder.

The machine bed is a solid assembly structure, and its shape is designed to easily transport the grinding debris to the large filter, so as to keep the machine clean, which is very important in the grinding process.

The ball grinder developed by our company can process balls with metal to metal seals, and also suitable for balls of other materials such as ceramics.

7180 ball valve grinder

This product is suitable for grinding balls up to 1100 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm ,1600mm,1800m(30-48 inches).

This grinder can achieve high precision roundness and surface finish.

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